Rosanna Chittenden – Portrait Artist

Rosanna Chittenden is a British professional portrait artist based in South West England. Though she does have quite an extensive portfolio of other work which is all based on her love of the human figure, she is best known for her insightful oil or pastel portraits. “I love the challenge involved in painting or drawing a portrait. It is so much more than just delivering a physical likeness. It is an incredibly delicate process that consumes you at every level. You have to step inside; see into the soul and try and convey this on a 2 dimensional surface using sticks of colour. It is fascinating to see other members of the family appear on the canvas fleetingly as the portrait develops.”

Rosanna enjoys the variety involved with painting different types of portrait. Changing subject matter, media and scale keeps the energy flowing. Each format brings its own challenges. Whether capturing the freshness of a child’s face in pastel whilst avoiding the ‘chocolate box’; painting a portrait of a young person on the cusp of adulthood or a portrait of a man or woman with decades of life experience; whether representing the family dynamics in a large scale group portrait or portraying the real person behind the businessman in a corporate portrait; or capturing the essence of much loved horse or dog in an animal portrait, the artist tries to let the subject matter dictate the style rather than impose her style on the subject.

“Portraits can sometimes be disappointing but always a point of comment. In all your portraits that I have seen, they are not only works of art but you have the extraordinary ability to capture the expression, which makes you, as a portrait painter, stand apart from so many others” (Antonia Davies, Warwickshire)

While a lot of Rosanna’s portrait commissions come from the West Country – Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, many come from further afield – London, Shropshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Essex, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and London, and some venture from all four corners of the UK.

To see some of this English artist’s portrait commissions please wander through the portrait galleries. And if you are interested in commissioning a portrait by this portrait artist please contact her here with any queries you might have.

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