Commissioning a Portrait


What differentiates me from a lot of other professional portrait painters is that the method that I use for my portraits is to have a single photographic portrait sitting, thus avoiding the time commitment of endless sittings.  This single sitting usually lasts from a couple of hours up to half a day and during that time I get to know the sitter, make some colour notes and get a huge body of photographs.  The selection process where we choose an image is a team effort, involving the sitter, parent (if appropriate, or whoever is commissioning the portrait), and we only stop when we have an image which we are all happy  to use for the portrait.

Once this is done, that is all that is involved for the sitter until the portrait is finished when I email a photograph for approval.

Sittings normally take place at my studio in Somerset as I have good natural light in my studio and all the equipment I need on hand.  I am happy to travel but this does incur extra cost.

As a rule, I am not able to do portraits from photographs taken by others as it is vital that I meet the sitter, establish a rapport with them, (which is essential if a good likeness is to be painted) and to ensure a high quality photograph from which to work.  There have been notable exceptions  where I have bent this rule when it is a posthumous portrait and the quality of the photograph is to a professional standard.



Although I am happy to work from life, most of my clients prefer the convenience of a single photographic sitting.  Normally, for smaller portraits,this sitting takes place at my studio in Somerset;  for larger portraits, I can travel to your home.  If working from photographs, a half-day sitting is needed to give ample time to get a good portfolio of photographs, and one preferred photo selected.   If working from life, the number of sittings needed depends on the size and type of portrait required, but they will need to be ideally on consecutive days.

I work predominantly in oils, but do offer pastel portraits too. Portraits of adults are usually around life-size, though they can be smaller (or bigger) if required. I paint any size portrait from head and shoulders, through 3/4 length to full length

Prices start from £2950 for pastel head and shoulders and start from £4750 for oil head and shoulders. For a three-quarter length portrait, prices start from £3750 in pastels and from £7500 in oils. Prices, particularly with three-quarter length, are dependent on size and complexity of the composition. For more prices and more information please contact me here. 

Once you know that you want to proceed, I take a nominal deposit of £200 per head to secure your place.




With children, I work in oils or pastels from photographs which I take myself in my studio in Somerset during a single photographic sitting. This enables me to establish a good rapport with your child, which is essential if a good likeness is to be painted, and to ensure a body of high quality photographs from which to work.  It is generally a very relaxed process which the children seem to enjoy.

Although there is no ideal age to have your child painted, the very youngest I consider painting is 4.  Until then, their faces have not really developed enough.  Ideally, I would advise waiting until your child is at least 6.  Losing teeth has absolutely no impact on the portrait is not a problem as I don’t ‘do’ teeth.  Each age has its own beauty about it.  It is never too late!

I can travel to your home to take the photographs, although this does incur an extra cost.  The head and shoulders portraits are slightly less than life-size;  the 3/4 length portrait is about 1/2 to 2/3 life-size.

Prices start from £1950 for a pastel head and shoulders and start from £3750 for an oil head and shoulders.  A pastel 3/4 length portrait starts from £2950  and an oil 3/4 length portrait starts from £4950. Once you know that you want to proceed, I take a nominal deposit of £100 per head for a pastel and £200 per head for an oil to secure your place.

For more prices and more information please contact me here.



For family portraits,  group portraits or ‘Conversation Pieces’, I come to your home and I take photographs in situ.  This should be easily accomplished over the course of a weekend or in 1-2 visits to ensure enough information is gathered. Then I cherry pick the photos and work them up into a small compositional sketch.  On approval of this, I then work everything up into a finished piece – either oil on canvas or board, or pastel on paper.

Oil family portraits can be any size up to about 5ft; pastels are limited by the size of the paper (up to about 2ft 6ins).  Price is dependent on the size and medium chosen, and number of people, animals and other details required.

Price on application. Please contact me here.




If practical, the photographs for animals happen in my garden in Somerset.  I can travel to you, although this does incur an extra cost.

Prices start from £1750 for a pastel and from £2950 for an oil. For more prices and more information please contact me here.


If you would like to commission a portrait or would like more information on commissioning one please contact me

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