Previous Commissions


Zac, Amelia, Bertie and Otto de Lisle, Warwickshire

Gus Scott-Masson, Dorset

Max and Isabelle Mason, Somerset

Georgina Barrett, Cardiff


oil portrait of an elderly man2019

Tony Smith, Somerset

Cosmo and Rufus Mills, Dorset

Claudia Griffiths, Bristol

Clemmie Macdonald, Somerset




Isla Macdonald, Somerset

‘Mollie and Gracie’ Rivett-Carnac, London

‘Bear’ Whitmore, Dorset

‘Rufus’ Hicks, Somerset



Hetta Hearn, Hants

James and Sammy Bourke, Wilts

Harry Watt, Berks

Henry and Annabelle S, Shropshire

‘Scrumpy’ Calderon Chittenden, Somerset

‘Dennis’ Dudlyke, Cirencester


2016Oil head and shoulders portrait of a young man

The Norris Family, Bucks

Zara Smith, Devon

William Ashley Miller, Dorset

Sian de Normann (and Dolly), Cornwall

Yasmin Howard, Somerset

Roddy de Normann, Cornwall





An oil portrait of a young girl and her spaniel2015


Helena and Pluto Cook, Bristol

Torben Lenzberg, Copenhagen

Sasha van Moppes, Hampshire

William Vaughan, Dorset

Rupert and Kit Parsons




2014pastel portrait of a young girl with attitude

Catriona Ashley Miller, Dorset

Iris Adams, Oxon

Florence Watt, Berkshire

The Reid Family, Hants

Livvy Howard, Somerset

Lucy Malir, Bath

Bella Wall-Morris, Warwicks

Max Dodd-Noble, Wilts

‘Chilli’ Clark, Somerset



corporate portrait - oil on canvas2013

John Davy, Surrey

Amelia Morris, Berkshire

Finn Cunningham, Dorset

Harry Neame, Suffolk

Antonia Davies, Warwickshire

Kate and Ellie Potter, Bristol

Daisy A-R, Wiltshire

Hugo Davies, Warwickshire




2012Adult Portrait - oil on canvas

Andrew Dalton, London

The Kimmins Family, Berkshire

Alice van Moppes, Hampshire

Isla Watt, Berkshire

Joe Chittenden, Somerset

Georgia Calderon, Somerset

Fred A-R, Wiltshire

Lucy Mumford, Somerset

Tilly Kember, Northants

‘Benjy’, Somerset

‘Tinker’, ‘Tanker’ and ‘Sherbet’ Johnson, Somerset

‘Digby’, Warwickshire

Family Portrait: oil on canvas 20112011

James Wall-Morris, Gloucestershire

Lucy Carrington, Somerset

Antonia Crichton-Brown, Australia

Justin Chittenden, Somerset

Honor Adams, Oxfordshire

The Kelsey Family, Somerset

Lily Cunningham, Dorset

Millie van Moppes, Hampshire

Olivia Stobart,


2010Child Portrait - oil on board 2011

Xander Neame, Suffolk

Harry Magill, Somerset

Alexis and Natacha Jeanson, Paris

‘Peggy’ and ‘Buddy’ Wyles, London

Freddie Hanbury, Oxfordshire

‘Toddy’ Williams, Wales

Flora Pilkington, Dorset

Billy Mumford, Somerset

Abi, Zeddie and Charlotte Johnson-Watts, Oxon

‘Nemo’ Read

Tallulah and Elektra Covell, Dorset

Henry Carrington, Somerset

Colin Campbell, Scotland

Alexandra and William Cooper, Oxfordshire


Child Portrait - pastel head and shoulders portrait of young girl2009

Tatiana Bridge, Portugal

Scarlett and Laura Purefoy, Somerset

Thomas Wall-Morris, Gloucestershire

Gus Adams, Oxon

Alexander, George and Sebastian Jeffreys, Leicestershire

Archie, Emilia and Jessica Hewlett,

Lottie Ley, Essex

Charles and Richard Turner, Somerset

The Smith Family, Dorset

Mia Chittenden, Somerset


2008Family Portrait - oil on canvas 2008

Chiedza Chikanza, London

Cully and Angus McDermid, Somerset

Phoebe Neame, Suffolk

Jack and Laura Barclay, Oxon

The Bowie Family, Leicestershire

Julian Martin-Smith, Essex

Kit and Max Bridge, Portugal

Isabella Mason, Somerset

Grace Pilkington, Dorset

Sophie, Celeste and Ben Spink, Somerset


Child Portrait: oil on board2007

Lydia and Miranda Kember, Northants

Anna Carrington, Somerset

Alexander Huber, London

Henry Mumford, Somerset

Phoebe Thompson, USA

Alexandra, Hugo and Geordie Campbell-Harris, Oxon

Ted and Eleanor Pring, Somerset

Christa Vardy, Somerset

‘Harry Potter’ Williams, Wales


2006Child Portrait - oil on board 2007

Daisy Pilkington, Dorset

Rosanna, Lucinda and William Miller, Dorset

Angelica Austin, London

Georgia Calderon, Somerset

Isabelle and Camilla Arliss, Somerset

Isabel, Miranda and Kitty Sunnucks, Dorset



Xandie Hanbury, Oxfordshire

Katie Mumford, Somerset

Elfrieda Stovin, London

Oscar and Alexander Pyle, Somerset

May Campbell, Scotland

Rose and Amelia Fulford, Somerset

Max Mason, Somerset



Sophie Stovin, London

Emma Way, London

Isabella Huber, London

Jack and Amelia Hanbury, Oxford

Lizzie, Ed and Ant Ford, Cambridge

Tamsin Martin-Smith, Essex

Kitty Campbell, Scotland

Emily, Joe and Matthew Fry, Somerset

The Davies Family, Warwickshire



Mr Bob Myers, Somerset

Mrs Gillie Myers, Somerset

The Clark Family, Somerset

Georgina, Isabella and Johnny Bowie, Leics

Jonty and Hattie Carr, London

Yanick Morell, Switzerland

Sam Stobart, Edinburgh

Lily and Mathilda Hallet, Warwicks



Phillipa Morgan, Cambridge

Flora, Ben and Lettie Johnson, Somerset

Flora Stobart, Edinburgh

Hamish, Henry and Martha Hall, London

Olivia Calderon, Somerset



Nicola Austin



Jacqueline, Somerset



The Davies Children, Warwickshire



Sir Edward Studd, Somerset



Trevor Comyn, London



Biddy Chittenden, Somerset

Peter Hills, Somerset



Trina Johnston, Kent

Ronit Bergman, Israel

Peter Lumsden, Captain of Royal St George’s Golf Club, Kent



Jeremy Chittenden, Somerset

Ana Stewart, London

Edward Clifton-Brown, Somerset

Sadie and Claire Snowdon, Hants



David Morgan, Managing Director M&G, London

Kirstie, Victoria and Juliette Morgan, Dorset

Rosie Campbell-Gray, London

Felicity Lyons, London

Linda Snowdon, Hants



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