Oil portrait of a young man

Max – Head and Shoulders Portrait of a Young Man

Max is a warm, confident, charming and delightful young man, with a wonderful strong, sculpted handsome face and the clear eyes of youth, yet unblighted by the ravages of time and vices!

This head and shoulders is the second portrait I painted of Max and is the result of a ‘start over’.  The search for ‘Max’ was a long and circuitous one. And there came a point when the texture of the many layers of paint in the first version was obstructing the energy and stopping me from getting a good clear and decisive line.  So I started again. From scratch. Second time round, Max came into sight really quite quickly and was a joy to paint.

It sounds very dramatic to start again.  But sometimes it is the clever option.  It doesn’t make the first attempt a waste of time. Quite the contrary. You carry with you the knowledge and experience of the face you have studied – lessons that you have learned, consciously and subconsciously. So you are able to attack the canvas with clarity and carry the energy through.

I am delighted with the end product.  And am very proud to put my signature to this portrait of a young man.

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