Mollie and Gracie – Pastel Portrait Drawings of Two Small Dogs

Small in stature, but by no means small in personality – quirky and quite delicious – Gracie and Mollie were a joy to draw.

I felt that pastel was the more suitable medium here for these two dogs as their energy, characters and hairy coats are better represented by a pastel portrait drawing.

Normally, with dog portraits, I draw just the head and neck. But with these two it seemed vital to include the front legs as this seems to help define who they are, their breed, their personality It also highlight the differences between the two dogs at the same time as linking them together as a pair.


Pastel Portrait Drawing of  Mollie - a Dachshund cross Jack Russell dog
Mollie – pastel portrait drawing of a Dachshund Jack Russell cross
A pastel portrait drawing of Gracie - a Coton de Tulear cross Pomeranian dog
Gracie – pastel portrait drawing of a Coton de Tulear Pomeranian cross












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