Child Portraits

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This is a small selection of oil and pastel children’s portraits by the artist.

Oils and pastels have very different characteristics as portrait media. Which medium is right for you?

Oil Portraits

Portraits in oils have a longevity and authenticity to them that make them more suitable for a 3/4 length or full length painting, where the position or ‘attitude’ also tells a story. Prices start from £3750 for a head and shoulders and £4950 for a 3/4 length. See more examples of and get more information about oil portraits here.

Pastel Portraits

Meanwhile, pastels are an ideal medium to capture the freshness and vitality of a child’s face as they have an informality and freshness to them.  Prices start from £1950 for a head and shoulders. See examples and get more information about pastel portraits here.  

The Process

Children are not genetically programmed to sit still for long periods of time, so for my child portraits, I work in oils or pastels from photographs which I take myself in my studio in Somerset, or at your home.   Just one single photographic sitting is required and this usually lasts up to half a day.  This enables me to establish a good rapport with your child – essential for a good portrait.  And to ensure a body of high quality photographs from which to work.  It also gives me the opportunity to make observations and colour notes, all of which help me to get the best child portrait possible. 

It is generally a very relaxed process which the children seem to enjoy.

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