Pastel Portraits of Two Brothers

An interesting commission this, from a friend and fellow artist who had studied at the same school – Charles Cecil Studios in Florence. It is always difficult to draw one’s own children with the necessary degree of objectivity, so Katie had entrusted me to capture them. But obviously with shortage of expectation. No pressure then!

Like their mother, and their grandmother Wendy, they both had the most enormous eyes, particularly Cosmo. His were so huge that I actually had to downplay them in the portrait (hard to believe, but true. Honest!). He is a rather mischievous young boy, but I felt it was important not to overplay that impishness, and also let other less obvious characteristics float to the surface. The result is a more complex and more compelling portrait.


Rufus, the younger boy, has a gentleness and sensitivity that is enchanting, coupled with an inner confidence. There is a slightly tentative quality to his portrait that I really enjoy.


I feel that they sum up the individual characters and am also very pleased with the way they work together.

Between the photographic sitting and completing the portraits, Katie managed to produce another exquisitely beautiful baby boy – Kaspar. And I shall look forward to doing his portrait in a few years time.

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