“I commissioned Rosanna to capture the dynamic that existed between my four sons at a very specific moment in time.

An example of a Family PortraitI knew that, with the eldest about to go to university, this was a moment in time that I would treasure. Truly the end of something precious. Nothing but a large, beautifully executed oil painting could possibly evoke that moment so poignantly. I am thrilled that I made such a leap of faith.

There is no doubt that Rosanna is supremely talented; the likenesses are incredible. The thrill of owning this painting, however, is that she captured that moment in a way that a camera never could. It is a wonderful composition. The sitters are relaxed and yet the painting is full of energy. It subtly and softly, with a half glance, an exchanged look, and a hint of a wry smile captures loving relationships and a lifetime that, thus far, these boys have spent together. It also manages to convey the inability of teenage boys to sit still, their own vitality and promise if you will.

I truly love this painting, and will be forever grateful to Rosanna. As my boys fly the nest, they also remain here with me.” Ali Kelsey, Somerset.


“I cannot fault the smooth process we went through to find the right photograph for the portraits of my four children, each taken when they were An example of an oil child portrait by Rosanna Chittendensix years old.  In the studio Rosanna instantly made my children feel relaxed and excited.  Any number of outfits and poses were tried and tested until the right ones were found.  Countless photos were taken and downloaded onto a computer and,  after looking at each of them, the half dozen or so ‘maybes’ were printed out and the final one selected, but there was the option of round two in the studio.  We were all involved in the decision of which photograph was to be used, the child concerned, myself, my husband and, of course, Rosanna herself. Rosanna did more than an amazing job and looking at the very precious portraits of my children brings me so much pleasure and will do for years.”  Selina Mumford, Somerset

“These are amazing – we are absolutely thrilled. I think you have really captured their spirit, yet they are calm. Really beautiful – you are a very clever lady. I really can’t thank you enough. The children are all delighted as well and I think are strangely proud of just being themselves and captured forever!”  Sarah de L, Warwickshire“Just got home and found the lovely, lovely portraits, even better than I’d imagined.  They are fantastic.  Tam said she thought we would be blown away and we are.  Thanks so, so much, we will treasure them.”  Lyn Clark, Bath

“First we should all say again how much we love the picture. We set you a difficult problem, that of combining a portrait of a girl of the 21st century and, secondly, producing a picture that would work as a pairing with a portrait of her great-grandmother painted almost exactly 100 years ago when she was the same age; each little girl cradling her dog. You have succeeded on both counts and the family cannot wait to see the two pictures hanging together. Thank you.” Peter Cook, Southampton

“Wow. Wow.  I think it is completely amazing.  It is very rare to look at a portrait, particularly of someone you know inside out, and it is totally ‘right’.  But it really is.  There is nothing on it that I would change.  It’s brilliant.  It’s just so Isla.  You are very clever. Thank you.  We are utterly over the moon with it.”  M A Watt, Berks

“We arrived back from Australia last week to a wonderful surprise!  Your portrait of Antonia is enchanting and really captures her warm, open and frank personality.  We absolutely love it. Thank you so much for such a lovely record of our daughter.”  Nicola Crichton-Brown, London

“We are both delighted with her portrait…we are all amazed at your ability to capture a person’s likeness and character” H Ley, Essex

“The essence of Lottie that you captured four years ago in the portrait is still evident in it as it continues to emerge in her – the picture was almost prophetic.” H Ley, Essex

“We are so thrilled with Honor’s picture, you reduced me to tears.  You’ve captured her beautifully and they look perfect next to each other.  Honor spent a long time closely studying the picture, with a few visits to look in the mirror and then exclaimed how much she loved it.  A huge thank you.  We are completely delighted.”  Bella, Oxon

” I love them.  I literally feel that I could put out my arms and take them from the picture.” J Hewlett.



“My portrait is hanging in my lavender blue sitting room and could not be more perfect in there. I was completely bowled over when I saw it and I keep popping into the room to have a peep! I know I came to your camera slightly kicking and screaming but I am so pleased that I did…… It really is the most lovely picture and I love the way you have portrayed me, just very me without any formality.”  Hetta Hearn, Hampshire

“BRILLIANT is my reaction.  I love it and think everyone will be delighted with it. You have captured both the physical form and character of Andrew.  Congratulations to you! Andrew’s death was a tragedy and we all miss him terribly.  Your portrait gives us all a sense of happiness because it captures him in all his joy and passion. It’s hard to feel sad when you see his portrait so brilliantly portrayed.  I cannot count the number of people who paid tribute to you.  Your portrait captures quite brilliantly the spirit of a wonderful man and there is a large group of us who will be forever grateful for that.  Thank you very, very much”  Magnus Spence, Dalton Strategic, London

“Portraits can sometimes be disappointing but always a point of comment.  In this case, in fact in all your portraits that I have seen, they are not only works of art but you have the extraordinary ability to capture the expression, which makes you, as a portrait painter, stand apart from so many others.”  Antonia Davies, Warwicks

“We are blown away, tears in the eyes, overcome with how brilliant your portrait is – thank you SO MUCH!  You really have captured him perfectly and have got that totally engaging look of his so perfectly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  How lucky we are to have such a wonderful pair (of portraits and children!!).”  Fiona Ashley Miller, Dorset

“The portrait is as beautiful as I hoped it would be and you have captured the essence of Georgina at peace in her garden. When I saw it this morning it brought back so many happy memories of the time we spent together and it was a very emotional moment for me. I can’t thank you enough for bringing her back to life in this way.” Chris Barrett, Cardiff

“It was all very relaxed and very interesting to see the gradual development of the portrait.  Everyone, including me, was delighted with the outcome which still adorns my drawing room”  Peter Hills, Somerset

“The Portrait: we are blown away by it. Of course, we are biased, but you have painted the most beautiful picture of our darling girl – and brought out the best in her. Thank you.”  Fiona Ashley Miller, Dorset



“I adore all the wonderful paintings you have done of my dogs over the last few years.  You have captured their individual characters so brilliantly:An example of an Animal Portrait by Rosanna Chittenden  Buster with his stick, Nemo leaping through the air and my gorgeous little Rocket.  I think the painting of Scooby is possibly my favourite, but then he was my special boy and, now that he has gone, I still have a beautiful and life-like picture to remind me of just what an incredible creature he was.  Thank you so very much.”  Sukie Read, Wilts

“I am sitting here at my study desk staring at the paintings of Peggy and Buddy.  I really can’t get over how unbelievably my dogs have been captured in oil. It does bring a tear (or 2) to my eyes.  Thank you so much for these windows on our dogs.  They are out of this world.”  Regina Wyles, London

“Just SO brilliant.  You’re a true genius.  I’m staring at it and weeping, both with joy and grief.  You’ve got him in exactly the way I want to remember him.  Thank you.  This is a true work of art in every respect”  Antonia Davies, Warwicks