Olivia H at 15 – Pastel head and shoulders portrait of a teenage girl

I have known Olivia since she was 10. She is the older sister of my youngest’s best friend at primary school from some years ago.  Always in and out of each other’s houses, our two families were great friends. But since the girls moved on to different secondary schools, our paths hadn’t crossed so much and it had been nearly 2 years since I had last seen her.

I hardly recognised this self-possessed, beautiful young woman who walked into my studio. 15 years old and blessed with the most luminous porcelain skin, she was entirely at ease in front of the camera and a joy to photograph.

This pastel portrait of a teenage girl has a classic, timeless quality to it. But there is also a glint in the eye just to let you know who is in charge.

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2 thoughts on “Olivia H at 15 – Pastel head and shoulders portrait of a teenage girl”

  1. Thank you so much Rosanna for this wonderful portrait of our daughter, Olivia. You have captured every aspect of her, simply stunning. You have described her so accurately, there is a definite glint in her eyes! We will treasure it always.

    Tracey xxxx


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