Pastel Portrait of a Young Girl – The Delicious Bella


I had previously done a pastel head and shoulders of both of Bella’s brothers, and that was what was planned for Bella. But when she walked into my studio dressed in an extraordinary and very carefully chosen outfit: party dress with full veil petticoat, favourite sparkly scuffed shoes (one with a bow missing), silver handbag nonchalantly slung over her shoulder, plastic beaded necklace, hair all unbrushed, and with a deliciously earnest attitude to boot, it seemed ridiculous to contemplate anything other than a full body portrait of her.

Totally at ease in front of the camera. Remarkably articulate and intelligent. This girl takes no prisoners!

I am delighted with the result. A pastel portrait of a young girl which makes me smile every time I look at it.


pastel portrait of a young girl with attitude
Bella W-M

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